Stefano Ottaviano is a Film and Animation director based in London.   

His expertise spans disciplines, from design and photography to filmmaking and animation. That means he believes in the power of art in all its forms. Stefano brings a rare, creative blend to each of his projects, whether he’s directing art and fashion films, music videos or narrative films.

He also thinks that talent trumps location. For the last six years he has coordinated remote teams from across the UK and Europe. This has two big benefits. Firstly, he gets to work with the best creative minds around. And secondly, he’s already prepared for a future where remote working is the norm.       

Stefano has a particular flair for filmmaking, animation and post production. And he’s drawn to projects that allow him to innovate and tell an immersive story that means something to the viewer.

Stefano has helped to tell stories like these in the UK and Italy for a variety of big-name brands. These include Nike, Mercedes, MTV and Disney. He’s also worked with many reputable agencies and production companies, such as Unit 9, Golden wolf, Superimpose, Digitas, Jam 3, The mill, Viacom.

His films have been published and featured at Schön! MagazineNowness, Director notes, as well as other respected publications.